Bluebird OPEN

May 24, 2018

As you walk into the store you're blown away by the full height atrium, central installation piece and plants pouring over the balconies above. As customers come in, they too seem in awe of their surroundings, taking pictures and admiring!
The Shop at Bluebird, Covent Garden

The Shop at Bluebird re-opened in Covent Garden last week, originally on the King's Road in an art deco space, the shop outgrew its space and the time came to move on. The new store on Floral street is set in an old coach house, where contemporary meets traditional and is filled with art installations, perfumes, fashion and home decor.

The Shop at Bluebird, installation

The staff are super friendly, helpful and point you in the right direction. The Pink House and Lotty B rail is right at the front near the entrance, it's a burst of colour as you walk into the store! We've chosen a varied selection of 2018 silks and linens including jumpsuits, halter neck dresses, kaftans, shirts and swimwear. 

The Shop at Bluebird, seastar shirt

The launch last week on Thursday was a real success! The store looked incredible, lit up and beautifully decorated. From oysters to acrobatics and orchestras to DJ's, I kept coming into new pockets of fun entertainment. Photographers outside were grouped together waiting for the next star arrival, it was so exciting wondering who the next VIP guest might be..! We're looking forward to the Bluebird restaurant opening on the top floor, but in the meantime it's definitely worth a visit!

The Shop at Bluebird, oysters

The Shop at Bluebird, launch party

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