Making It British

December 04, 2020


We thought you may be interested in an update on our efforts to make Pink House Mustique even more sustainable.

There is a great deal spoken about "sustainability" in the fashion sector. It is generally agreed that so called "high street fast fashion" should be relegated to the past, but it will be a long process for those brands whose central strategy is bringing pieces to market in a short turnaround and for a very low price in direct response to trends. Price is a key factor, particularly as many people face an uncertain economic short-term future.

However, there are lots of people working very hard to make the change happen and, whilst Pink House Mustique is in no way similar to the high street brands mentioned above, we are very pleased to have joined Make It British: brainchild of Kate Hills, a former buyer for Marks and Spencer, Burberry and other well-known and regarded brands. During her career in retail she witnessed the closure of many garment factories and now the reinvigoration of British manufacturing is at the core of her mission. We love this and are working with MiB to do what we can to help and are keen for Kate to help us navigate a move for more of our production to the UK.

Remember the fabulous Limited Edition garments Lotty used to design? Alongside items that we already produce here in the UK, plans are forging ahead for a new series of Limited Edition Lotty B silks, which we are very excited about! Lotty has come up with some stunning new designs - the patterns are being cut in London as we write and the designs have been sent off for printing before the bespoke garment make up begins, right here in England.

In the meantime, as you know, all of our garments are made to keep and that is at the heart of our business. We know that when you buy our prints it is because you have fallen in love with them and we want to make sure that you can fall in love over and over again! That is one of the reasons why we recommend a cool machine wash or hand washing and natural drying.

Keeping hold of clothes for a long time is something our grandparents/great grandparents thought was natural and it seems only right that beautiful clothes should stay in your wardrobe for you to enjoy time after time. You might lend out your favourite outfit when your sister is off to a big wedding, but you will be sure to have it returned! Our garments are not made to industrial strength, but with some love and care, you can enjoy them for many years.

Ever mindful of the environmental impact of our products, we have now removed all non-essential packaging from our shirts, so no collar props or cardboard backing are included any more. We hope that you see that this in no way devalues the shirts, but in fact adds value to them by reducing their carbon impact.

We recycle the dust bags in which garments are delivered to us before wrapping your orders in our acid free, UK produced bespoke tissue paper and popping into our 100% recyclable cardboard postal boxes also made here in the UK. Furthermore, from 2021 our dust bags will be fully compostable too.

During 2020 we have conducted an audit into all of our PHM garment production and will be launching our 2022 collection based on our findings. This will include the use of regenerated fabrics for our trunks - a very exciting new pathway for Pink House. We look forward to telling you more about our journey as we progress. 



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