Pink House Mustique

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Friday 28th May 2016


I have only seen one seahorse whilst snorkelling on Mustique, just outside Basil's Bar.  It was about 1 inch tall and I could so easily have passed it by.  It didn't look much like my sketch but was nevertheless the inspiration behind one of our 2017 themes:  Seahorse.
seahorse Mustique watercolour by Lotty B pink house print 2017 pencil sketch of seahorse by Lotty B Mustique Island
I was aiming to create a paisley effect as the shape of the seahorse tail is so reminiscent of the typical paisley print.
We have used these initial sketches to work up into repeat prints for linen, swimming trunks, bikinis and even furnishing fabrics.  I can't wait to show you more but am waiting for the first strike-offs to arrive back from the printers!

Saturday 21st May 2016


Tanama House on Mustique made the very first order of our linen curtain fabric!  This is a completely new and very exciting venture into furnishing fabrics for me.  I am hoping to be working on wall papers next!
curtain details Passion Fruit print by Lotty B, Tanama House Mustique
Bed Headboard in Lotty B fabric Pasion Fruit print at Tanama House Mustique
We are printing to order (a minimum of 20m) in England and have found some fabulous fabrics to print on: heavy woven linen, a mid weight satin finished cotton and a very light weight silk/cotton voile perfect for Caribbean four poster beds or mosquito netting.  All so exciting.  I love a new project and can't wait to get going on some more designs!

Monday, 16th May 2016


Leatherback Turtle laying her eggs on Pasture Bay Mustique
What a special day!  Walking the windward coast of the island we came across an enormous leatherback turtle, Polly Angela, laying her eggs.  She is nearly 2m long.
Apparently she comes back to this same beach every two years and makes the laborious trek up the sand up to 8 times in a season to lay all her eggs.   Her young (those that survive) will come back to lay their eggs near this spot when they reach maturity - 25 years old! 
These are her eggs, they look like slimy ping pong balls!  She lays them in layers, covering up each batch with sand before laying more. 
 It took several hours before she finally headed back down to the sea.
Turtle heads back to the sea after laying her eggs on pasture Bay Mustique
She is expected back in a few weeks.  We'll keep looking out for her and with luck we can also be here when this nest hatches out.

Tuesday 10th May 2016


These stunning hand thrown sea urchins arrived on Mustique all the way from the Cloud Pottery in Scotland.
Spot the real urchins!
What a relief there were no breakages.  I have been enjoying photographing them around the island these last few days.
Below, at Lagoon Bay.  I often dive for the real urchins once they have lost all their spines and are bleached white by the sun, and occasionally a perfect one will wash up on the sand just waiting to be claimed.
Today we displayed them in the Pink House in our "under-the-sea alcove" along with the Pink House Mustique Candles.

Monday 2nd May 2016


The caterpillars are back with a vengeance!
Frangipani trees are their all time favourites.
frangipani tree at the Pink House on Mustique before and after the caterpillars.
 Above, our frangipani tree in all its glory and two days later - after the caterpillars!
The rascals can eat a leaf in front of your eyes and they almost double in size each day!
caterpillars devouring a frangipani leaf at the Pink House on Mustique

Monday 25th April 2016


Our favourite days in the Pink House are when a new collection arrives.  Today it was from  Ashiana London.  We chose the designs several months ago in whites, pinks, sea-greens and blues.  
jewellery by Ashiana in gold and blue in the Pink House Mustique
Our 'under-the-sea alcoves' have been looking very bare over the last few weeks and we are all feeling so happy to have them  filled with such delicious looking pieces.
Ashiana Jewellery in pinks and whites in the Pink House Mustique.


Shooting the Bomber Jacket




Such a fun day on Mustique shooting our first piece for Lotty B Limited Edition: the Bomber Jacket. These are a couple of our favourite photos from the day of Mustique beauties Gabija Mitchell and Georgia May Jagger looking stunning as ever in Lotty B.


Wednesday 2nd December 2015

The Pink House is getting a make-over!



Yesterday we pressure-hosed the roof and today we are painting.  It is the same paint we used 3 years ago which shows how sun-bleached it became.  I think I prefer the bleached look!  but it is fun to be bright and colourful again.



Wednesday 25th November 2015

Thanksgiving Tent Sale


Our annual 'Thanksgiving Tent Sale' took place as usual on the Cotton House Lawn.  

Basil's Bar shop, The Cotton House Spa shop and the Pink House all got together for a really fun day of sales.  As usual we all ended up buying each others old stock!  "One man's rubbish is another man's treasure" came to mind!  Luckily the islanders flocked down to get a bargain and we all went home lighter on stock and heavier in pocket.


Friday 20th November 2015

New Collection Arriving on Mustique


Busy days with the 2016 Pink House Mustique collection beginning to arrive.  We went to the little island airport this morning and picked up 18 boxes of men and boys swimming trunks and our new beach shorts.  We can't wait to display them in the shop! - but first, counting and sorting!





Monday 16th November 2015

How exciting!  Lotty B 2016 has arrived on Mustique!

We have been counting and sorting and steaming all morning.
Even the Veranda girls have changed for the occasion!
Short charmeuse silk kaftans from left to right:
Sand Dollar green/blue (2016), Leaves turquoise (2015), Spiderlily pink (2016)



Sunday 1st February 2015


Pink House Mustique - A Watercolour by Patsy Fisher

This is such a charming painting by our great friend Patsy (RIP).  It must have been painted before the coffee shop was built in between the Purple House and the Pink House.  The painting belongs to Henry Channon and is on loan to me as I now have the honour of holding shop!  
Both boutiques were built by Arne Hasselqvist, but the gingerbread style and colouring was Johannah Alexander's idea and believe it or not took some persuading to be accepted by the Mustique planning committee of the day!  Originally called  'Treasure Boutique' We renamed it 'The Pink House' in 2008.  Along with Basil's Bar, it is possibly the most iconic building and certainly one of the most photographed on-island!
When deciding to start a diary, this seemed the perfect picture to open with.  
Thankyou Patsy and Thankyou Henry!