Turtle Trellis

January 24, 2023

We are frequently asked about the inspiration behind our prints and love to share with you the stories behind each and every one: Lotty takes her inspiration from her island surroundings, sketching a plant, animal or insect, for example, before returning to her studio to develop sarong and repeat prints. 

Turtle trellis aqua print on linenTurtles travel to Mustique to lay their eggs having spent many months or years travelling the oceans before returning to their natal beaches to nest and finally lay their eggs.

Green turtles were the inspiration for Lotty’s Turtle Trellis print - this critically endangered species was nearly hunted to extinction but with conservationists working very hard with governments in jurisdictions around the world, the inhabitants of Mustique welcome turtles every year and delight in this.

Green Sea Turtle | Rainforest Alliance

Lotty says: "They can be seen at most of the beaches around Mustique, but most especially if you snorkel beside Basil's Bar, where you will see dozens of turtles of all sizes, happily eating the seaweed that grows on the sandy seabed. 

Here, they are not in the least frightened of swimmers so you can swim very close without disturbing them and watch the sunlight shining through the water which plays mesmerisingly across their beautiful shells.

You will often see them when snorkelling at Cotton House Beach too - and, at Lagoon Bay, if you sit on the beach and look out to sea, you will see their heads frequently popping up for a breath of air, but if you go looking for them with a mask and snorkel, they are uncannily illusive and shy away from swimmers."

Best of all the print looks fabulous on swim shorts - worn here by our pro surfer and model, Joss. 

Surfer in turtle print swim shortsLinen shirts, linen dresses and Repreve blend swim shorts are available on the website today. Plus our classic linen tablecloth and napkin sets:

Turtle Trellis linen tablecloth on mustique breakfast table

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