Mustique Beaches

Mustique Beaches

October 28, 2015

IMPORTANT!!!!! If you want a photo to be the "cover" photo for a gallery
You must select the "cover" tag in the Tags list below the image
The Title must one of your 9 Gallery Title's ie: 
Mustique Beaches
Mustique Picnics
Mustique at Night
Mustique Houses
Mustique Flowers
Mustique Sunsets
Mustique Nature

To add the image click "Choose Image" on the right.

Tags (on the right >>) are important for which gallery it goes into! Just write a relevant gallery name that matches one of your titles: eg "Mustique Beaches". (case sensitive!!)

Update! Only use the Gallery Title tag eg "Mustique Beaches", "Mustique Houses" etc
and the "cover" tag if you want that photo to represent a Gallery
So max 2 tags!

Make sure you select the correct blog name below "Gallery"

Also check Visibility (Top right) is visible!! And then SAVE (blue button top top right!!)


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