Lotty B Sarong in Silk Crepe-de-Chine: TURTLE TRELLIS - AQUA

Size Guide

Sizing Guide - Scarves & Sarongs

rectangle approx 65''/43'' (165cm/109cm)
Square approx 43''/43'' (109cm/109cm)
Long approx 74"/22'' (188cm/56cm)
Care guide

Product Care - Silks

CHIFFON, UNLINED CREPE-DE-CHINE SILK OR TWILL: Dresses,  Jumpsuits, Kaftans, Kimonos, Pyjamas, Ponchos, Sarongs, Scarves, Tops

All garments made from:
100% Chiffon silk
100% Unlined Crepe-de-Chine
100% Unlined Twill silk

Gently hand wash using a mild detergent solution and lukewarm or cold water. Low steam or iron if needed.


If in doubt seek advice from your dry cleaner

CHARMEUSE OR LINED SILK: Sarongs, Scarves, Kaftans, Kimonos, Ponchos, Dresses, Tops, Jumpsuits, Ties

All lined silk garments
Garments made from Charmeuse Silk


Green Turtles, the inspiration for this captivating print, can often been seen off Mustique's shores. Sometimes, you can swim very close without disturbing them and watch the sunlight shining through the water which plays mesmerizingly across their beautiful shells.
The pale aqua blue of this colourway showcases particularly well the shimmering watery quality of crepe-de-chine silk.

A Lotty B sarong adds a touch of glamour to any outfit and this style with its raw, frayed edges makes it especially suitable as a scarf or wrap-around skirt. Hand-printed on a lightweight crepe silk that has excellent wrinkle resistance & durability, this is a wonderfully versatile piece that takes up minimal room in your bag, so you'll always have it to hand, ready to wear at the drop of a hat!

Complete your beach style with a matching bandeau top. For more styling tips, see here.

  • Fabric: 100% silk crepe-de-chine
  • Size: Rectangle approx 68''/42'' (172cm/107cm)
  • Style: Raw frayed edges

Print: Turtle Trellis
Colour: Pale aqua blue

Sent to you in a beautiful LB gift box handmade from sustainable, recyclable materials.

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