New LB packaging

December 07, 2021

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new, fabulous and sustainable gift boxes, all handmade here in the UK. Apologies for the photography, but we have not had time to get these into a studio yet - we just wanted to share it with you as soon as it arrived!

New eco gift packaging

We collaborated with The Tiny Box Maker based in Cornwall. Sustainability is their fundamental principle "creating luxury designer boxes for our brand associates that meet all ethical and eco requirements.."

Lotty's stunning pomegranate design has been printed using vegetable dye on to a recycled, handmade box with is FSC approved. The glues used are aqua based and vegan-friendly, making sure that as well as doing their job effectively, they are also biodegradable and cause no harm to the environment. 

The boxes are lined with Colorplan and we love their story:

"The impact of Colorplan's production is measured and reduced at every possible opportunity - from forest management to energy use - making this beautiful paper a positive force toward a balanced environment. As well as being fully recyclable and biodegradable, Colorplan has FSC certification, meaning that the pulps used are all from managed forests. It is also Heavy Metal Free and, because the bleaching process avoids the use of harmful chlorine, it is classified ECF. 

Colorplan is made in England's Lake District, an area of outstanding natural beauty. At every stage of Colorplan's papermaking, from the banks of the River Kent to the forests of Northern Europe, we are setting new standards in making a positive contribution back to the environment that is so critical in the paper's manufacture. All of our pulp is sourced from managed forests (for every tree felled, three are planted).

Pulp enters the process at 1% to 99% water, then becomes 93% solid material before the remaining extracted water is returned to the river in pristine condition. Bi-products from the production process are used in agriculture, and the chain of custody ensures that Colorplan is FSC certified. We strive to reduce the paper's environmental impact and are at ISO certification level in reducing consumption and water generation without any compromise on quality."

All our Lotty B silks are sent out in these boxes and we have been thrilled with the response during the testing phase - people love to reuse the boxes in lots of different ways!

Swim shorts and all our linens are wrapped using acid-free tissue paper which is produced in Middlesex, before packing all purchases into 100% recyclable cardboard posting boxes made in Yorkshire.

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