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June 26, 2020 2 Comments

Whilst the beating heart of our business is based in Mustique, there is a crew of Pink House worker bees based in Mere, Wiltshire, our HQ in the UK. Like you, we all love Lotty’s posts from Mustique – but we thought you might like to see a little of how we carry on down here in Mere.

We have our offices and warehousing in a repurposed chimney factory (pictured below) and love how a group of like-minded business owners and artists were able to breathe life back into the site over a number of years. The building was originally opened in 1968 and until around 2001 specialist chimneys were produced here in Mere for the Beaumont family business, then known as the largest manufacturers of industrial steel chimneys in the world!

The Old Brush Factory in Mere

(photocredit: )

You can see the Beaumont Business Centre with it's chimney to the left of the centre of the photograph below - if you look very carefully!

AONB hills around Mere

We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place and better still 60% of us can walk to work and the remaining 40% drive less than 4 miles, so we are all thinking of our environmental impact every morning and evening. During lockdown it has been of huge benefit for us all to have the countryside on our doorstep and there is nothing like a long walk on Mere Down to aid calm, rational thought!

Pop Up Shop

Our pop up is usually open every Friday and visitors can buy fabulous vintage Lotty B and ex display samples, plus there is always a selection of mens, womens and childrens linens and swimwear reduced in price. In addition, all our website inventory is available less 10% for pre-arranged collection from HQ. We send emails out to our local customers about these pop ups and other local events, if you would like to be added to this list, please do let us know?

Sarongs on a rail
Multi- coloured swim shorts

Targets for sustainability

We are working very hard to reduce our impact on the environment. All of our packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable and our beautiful Lotty B gift boxes are perfect for repurposing. 

Our garments are made for you to love for a long time. We are in the slow fashion business and proud of it. Relationships with our suppliers have been built up over many years and we are all working together to improve our credentials. 

Our watchwords are these: 



Recycling and upcycling

Low impact



Environmentally mindful

....... and every day we all try our hardest to be the best we can be.

At the end of the day our customers are the core of our business and we would like to think that sustainability applies most of all to our relationship with you.

Canine companions at work

Many of you will have met Coco with Lotty in Mustique, but we would like to introduce to you some of the office dogs at HQ. We would love to say that they are very helpful, but usually they take to a bed – not necessarily their own – and snooze!
Dog laid on grass
Puddle - springer spaniel and the top dog - pictured here on Whitesheet Hill
Lady with border terrier
Bumble the border terrier who "looks after" one of our number some days
A black lab dog with a toy in mouth
Etta, typical labrador: prone to slipping away and is always found near the kitchen
close up of a cute dog
Wilma who recently left on maternity leave - we were all delighted to meet
Barney and Pebbles!
two black lab dogs
Minnie Ripperton and Wilson Pickett - mother and son. Snoozers!


Share your stories with us

We would love to hear your stories about your life and your relationship with Mustique, or with Mere!

 In the meantime, we hope that you all keep safe - particularly now that lockdown is starting to ease up.

lady in yoga pose


2 Responses

lucy hall
lucy hall

November 18, 2020

We miss you too Lotty! ❤️

charlotte Bunbury
charlotte Bunbury

November 17, 2020

I’m missing you all and I have so enjoyed reading about you and seeing the wonderful photos of Mere and all our dog companions in the office. because of the recent travel restrictions I have missed coming back to England and catching up with you all, but I have enjoyed this little reunion through the blog!

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