January blues

January 17, 2023

Hues of blue from Pink House linen shirt collectionsBlue Monday is billed as the most depressing Monday of the year - but we looked into this and the reality is that a marketing man came up with the concept. He practised as a psychologist but came up with "Blue Monday" to help a travel company sell holidays! 

So, as we have all got through yesterday, we thought we should celebrate the gorgeous blues that populate our linen shirt collection and give you a little preview of another of Lotty's amazing new prints that will be launching soon. So many reasons to be cheerful. 

The new Turtle Trellis linen shirt, due for release at the end of this month:

Turtle Trellis print linen shirt in aqua on white from Pink House Mustique

The aqua blue turtles in the print were inspired by the Green turtles often spotted by Lotty while snorkelling near Basil's Bar in Britannia Bay. She says that the sunlight shines through the water and plays on their wonderful shells as they feed on the seaweed that is like a trellis on the sandy seabed. 

If you would like to reserve your Turtle Trellis shirt, please do get in touch: info@pinkhousemustique.com

The Mustique Blues Festival runs from 25th January until the 8th February, so you will look the part if you are on island during that time!

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