Pink House Party

February 15, 2022

We asked Lotty if there were any Valentine's Day traditions on Mustique and we wanted to share her response with you! It makes fun reading:

"The first quarter of the year is very busy here on Mustique as our high season runs from Christmas to Easter.  Just as we are recovering from New Year's celebrations, The Mustique Blues Festival comes along and just as we think we can't dance another step, it's Valentine's Day, a day to celebrate Love.  Well Mustique is certainly not lacking in that.  In all the years I have lived here, I can't think of a single person who hasn't fallen in love with this little Island and wanted to return; again and again, in most cases.  This is one of the reasons Mustique feels more like a family than a holiday resort, simply because the people coming here visit often enough to make them feel at home and to be welcomed back by those of us who live here.  Everyone knows everyone more or less, and the few new comers are welcomed in in no time.

Bunbury children at Valentine's party on Mustique
This photograph is of Lotty's children moons ago, attending a Valentine's brunch party wearing Lotty B hand-painted sarongs with garlands of fresh bougainvillea.

Valentine's Day on Mustique used to be marked by the end of the Blues Festival and an amazing all-Island Valentine's Brunch hosted by an American family who stayed at Sunrise Vila each February.  It was a way of saying Thank You to all the musicians who had given their time and talent to the island and raised funds for Basil's great educational charity trust in St. Vincent.  There was always a fancy dress theme and my children eagerly awaited this event each year and not least because the family hosting owned a catering business and brought with them the most amazing array of goodies that Mustique didn't see the rest of the year round.  Another Valentine's event was 'The Pink Picnic' hosted by the owners of Cactus Hill vila in the early days.  Everyone arrived dressed in pink and lots and lots of pink wine was drunk.  The island has grown since then and an all-Island event is a pretty big affair, however, I think it is a challenge that needs taking up, and who better to do it than the Pink House......."

Lotty is always as good as her word and she immediately set about creating a new event.

Valentine's Day Mustique pink party invitation

Having drawn and delivered this fabulous invitation to the Pink House Valentine's party yesterday - she also baked beautiful heart shaped biscuits and exquisite cupcakes and made some love potion for all the guests! 

eat me valentines cookies by lotty b

Friends new and old came to join Lotty to celebrate the reincarnation of the Pink Valentine's parties of the past and a lovely time was had by all.

Guests at Valentines pink party organised by lotty bWe love that the linen shirts are snapped up by men and women alike - this blue and green Plantation print shirt (in the centre of the picture) was recently launched and is selling fast. To see the all new Plantation collection please click here



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