Our ‘Limited Edition’ collection is the result of a collaboration between Lotty and Eleanor. Lotty’s history in mural painting and stained glass and the years she’s spent hand painting silk designs for her brand Lotty B result in the stunning print designs that make up the Limited Edition collection. Eleanor brings an eye for cut and detail to the garment silhouettes. With a 1st class degree in architecture Eleanor subsequently turned her skill in 3-dimensional design from architecture to fashion. Working from the bottom up, she apprenticed in a couture house learning all aspects of the trade until the union with Lotty B and the birth of “Limited Edition”. 


“Limited Edition” is an indulgence born from a love of design and individuality both Eleanor and Lotty feel passionately about. In an industry dominated by mass production we decided to go against the grain, ignoring the restrictions of production minimums. With “Limited Edition” we enjoy designing and producing mini collections of clothing we love right here in London. 


To launch the collection, we have chosen a reversible bomber jacket in sueded charmeuse silk - bringing Lotty B from the beach to the city. Fully lined with a contrasting print the bomber looks just as beautiful inside and out, giving two fabulous looks in one garment.