Pink House Mustique

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Monday, 16th May 2016


Leatherback Turtle laying her eggs on Pasture Bay Mustique
What a special day!  Walking the windward coast of the island we came across an enormous leatherback turtle, Polly Angela, laying her eggs.  She is nearly 2m long.
Apparently she comes back to this same beach every two years and makes the laborious trek up the sand up to 8 times in a season to lay all her eggs.   Her young (those that survive) will come back to lay their eggs near this spot when they reach maturity - 25 years old! 
These are her eggs, they look like slimy ping pong balls!  She lays them in layers, covering up each batch with sand before laying more. 
 It took several hours before she finally headed back down to the sea.
Turtle heads back to the sea after laying her eggs on pasture Bay Mustique
She is expected back in a few weeks.  We'll keep looking out for her and with luck we can also be here when this nest hatches out.

Tuesday 10th May 2016


These stunning hand thrown sea urchins arrived on Mustique all the way from the Cloud Pottery in Scotland.
Spot the real urchins!
What a relief there were no breakages.  I have been enjoying photographing them around the island these last few days.
Below, at Lagoon Bay.  I often dive for the real urchins once they have lost all their spines and are bleached white by the sun, and occasionally a perfect one will wash up on the sand just waiting to be claimed.
Today we displayed them in the Pink House in our "under-the-sea alcove" along with the Pink House Mustique Candles.

Monday 2nd May 2016


The caterpillars are back with a vengeance!
Frangipani trees are their all time favourites.
frangipani tree at the Pink House on Mustique before and after the caterpillars.
 Above, our frangipani tree in all its glory and two days later - after the caterpillars!
The rascals can eat a leaf in front of your eyes and they almost double in size each day!
caterpillars devouring a frangipani leaf at the Pink House on Mustique

Saturday 28th November 2015

Mustique in Bloom


The island has been a riot of flowers this month but as the trade winds begin to blow in I noticed them thinning out and thought I'd better catch a few of the November flowers before they are gone.