December 19, 2023

We recently released the new "Shelltop" print and while preparing for launch we were talking to Lotty about the inspiration behind this print and this is what she told us:

"Mustique has a wealth of shells, most notably the huge Conch shell with its stunning pink lip, however, it is often the little shells that can go unnoticed in the sand unless you look carefully, that catch my attention. 

Jemima picking through the sand to find shells for Lotty

I found an unusual shell which I think belongs to the Volute Shell family and when sketching it and developing a repeat print from it, I found the result quite intense. 

Volute shell, inspiration for Shelltop print by Lotty B

It worked well as a crazy slightly head spinning print which I am hoping to bring in to a future collection, but for this collection I decided to 'pluck' off the very top section of the shell and use this simpler image to create a slightly calmer end result.

 I like the graphic triangle and diamond shapes it creates in the repeat print and when zoomed in and printed at a larger than life scale, I find it gives a lovely clean look that works especially well with a single print colour and white background for linen shirts and swimming trunks."

Blue Shelltop mens linen shirts

 Pink Shelltop mens swim shorts






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